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I Clivi, 'RBL' Brut Nature NV
Italy / Sparkling

I Clivi, 'RBL' Brut Nature NV

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Every so often, the winemaking process is the most compelling part of a wine’s story. Such is the case with the Macro-Pétillant Nature method used to make this RBL. Upon initial pressing of the Ribolla Gialla grapes, the must is racked in an open vat vessel where it continues its fermentation until it reaches the point where bubbles can be created. The original pressed Ribolla Gialla juice is then reintroduced to this must and then the vat is sealed. Thus, there is no need to induce secondary fermentation with the addition of sugars or yeasts. The wine is left on its lees in this vat until it’s bottled under pressure. The result is an untamed sparkler. The wines aromatics are retained as if it were a still white, with notes of green apple, bosc pear, lime zest, wet rocks, and wildflowers. The acidity is pulsating, carrying with it compact bubbles that slowly descend into a gentle froth that surprises with its saline and floral undertones before its cut short by a bone-dry finish. Endlessly compelling, and not for the faint of heart.

Venezia Giulia IGT
Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Ribolla Gialla
Marl and sandstone
Macro Pétillant