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Collection: Azienda Agricola Lalú

"It's been a while since I've come across a Piemonte producer that's excited me this much. Along with Gianluca Colombo of Segni di Langa, I strongly feel that this young Lalú estate will become an influential address and to me, they are already beginning to pave the way for the future of Piemonte.

There is a freshness and vivacity to each of the wines we tasted. We were instantly enamored with how open and expressive they were the moment the cork was pulled, a trait not always associated with Piemontese wines. What's more, each of these wines danced on the palate to the beat of their own drum. You could tell there was something special going on as the winemaker's signature was truly unique for the region, yet they managed to not diminish the reflection of the terroir itself in the process.

This is a very young, promising estate with a voice of its own. Today, we are proud to offer these wines individually, and as a specially-priced 3 back while our limited supplies last."