Familia Torres, Pirene Sant Miquel de Tremp 2019
Spain / Red

Familia Torres, Pirene Sant Miquel de Tremp 2019

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Notes from the producer:

"Our family has been dedicated to wine for five generations. We celebrate life, we look after the land, and we pass on our legacy: this is our vision.  

We began producing wine in Penedès in 1870, although our winegrowing roots date back to the 16th century, and we’ve been fortunate enough that each generation has felt the same devotion to and love for the land. Ours has been, and is, a life lived among the vines, weaving an inseparable connection to the landscapes of wine. 

The wines we make today under the name Familia Torres represent a mosaic of properties that are largely historical, with winegrowing associations that reach far into the past. We know that the same lands we work today were already being cultivated hundreds or even thousands of years ago. We feel lucky and, at the same time, responsible for ensuring that these vines and landscapes continue to speak through the wines that are made from them — honest and exuberant wines with an emphasis on elegance and a unique sense of place.

Cuvee notes: The most fascinating research project we are currently undertaking is the recovery of ancestral varieties. Launched by Miguel A. Torres in the early 1980s, the aim is to discover varieties that survived the phylloxera plague that devastated European vineyards in the late 19th century. Today, the fifth generation of the Torres family are firm proponents of this project, with the ambition of making unique, exciting wines based on forgotten varieties. They are little winemaking gems that also stand out for their resistance to drought and high temperatures, making them particularly interesting in light of the new climate scenario. Of the more than 50 varieties recovered so far, six have caught our attention. One of these is Pirene, a fresh, elegant red variety that we use to make this single variety wine in very limited production. "

Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks and 100% malolactic fermentation in barrels. Aged in second year French oak barrels for 4 months and in stainless steel tanks.