Domaine Vacheron Sancerre 3-Pack

Domaine Vacheron Sancerre 3-Pack

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We've been waiting for our "false Spring" to finally give way to the real thing, so we're celebrating with this well-timed new release from one of Sancerre's benchmark producers. A favorite amongst the staff, Domaine Vacheron has long been our go to estate for single vineyard, terroir-driven expressions of Sauvignon Blanc. Year after year the reputation of this producer continues to grow, and whether you're familiar or not, this outstanding 2022 Sancerre vintage is perfectly timed to add to your collection.

All of Vacheron's farming is certified organic and biodynamic. They are pioneers in identifying and bottling Sancerre's top sites which they have been doing since the mid-90's. This 3 pack offering is both an exploration of these dynamic single vineyards and a snapshot of the magnificent 2022 vintage.

2022 Domaine Vacheron 'Le Paradis' Sancerre - Loire Valley, France
Impressions: This very steep vineyard has barely any stony topsoil, so the vines feed directly from the region’s solid chalk “mother rock” below. The 40+ year old vines produce the raciest and nervy of these single vineyard bottlings with lovely floral notes and salinity that permeate through to the finish.

2022 Domaine Vacheron 'Les Romains' Sancerre - Loire Valley, France
Impressions: Among the first of the recognized vineyard sites, this was one of the estate's first single vineyard bottlings. Here at 'Les Romains' the soils are pure silex (flint) rich in fossilized material that add a unique smokiness to its mineral-forward texture.

2022 Domaine Vacheron 'Chambrates' Sancerre - Loire Valley, France
Impressions: This south-facing vineyard, with its unique combination of chalk and clay, delivers a broader, fruitier and more savory expression compared to the others. Here, the young vines take full advantage of the sunshine and as such produces a more aromatic wine with riper citrus flavors and a mineral-dense concentration that leads to a lengthy finish.

About the Producer:

The Vacherons are without question Sancerre’s leading winemaking clan. From the family’s pioneering work in identifying and exploiting the region’s top terroirs to their leading position in biodynamic viticulture today, there are few if any artisans in Sancerre as exacting or as respected.
Great-grandfather Maurice Vacheron tended a few vines back when Sancerre was but a stop on a village road. His son, Jean, was the first of the family to specialize in producing wine, paying particular attention to the influence of terroir on Sauvignon Blanc. Jean’s sons, Denis and Jean-Louis, solidified the Vacheron name in Sancerre, showcasing the family’s talent with not only Sauvignon Blanc but also Pinot Noir.

Today, Denis’ son, Jean-Laurent, and Jean-Louis’ son, Jean-Dominique, have taken the estate to a whole new level of quality, championing biodynamic viticulture and selecting singular vineyard parcels that the family has observed for generations (and planted with their own hands) to bottle as single-vineyard wines, with the goal of showcasing the heights that Sancerre can reach.