Laisse Tomber - Bastian Wolber, 'Sur Granite' Gamay Vin de France 2022 Magnum [1500ml]
France / Red

Laisse Tomber - Bastian Wolber, 'Sur Granite' Gamay Vin de France 2022 Magnum [1500ml]

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Notes from Becky Wasserman & Co:

"Born in Staufen im Breisgau, Germany, Bastian Wolber attended Rudolph Steiner schools until the age of 18. “We sewed and made wood products and were encouraged to give everything a shot,” he recalls. “There were no grades, only ‘reviews’ from teachers. It was super and made me feel confident.” However, he wanted to try something different from Steiner and studied Economics and German Tax Law – a route that he would soon discover did not fulfill his desire to create, explore, and connect with nature.

During this time, Bastian’s younger brother Christoph moved to Burgundy to pursue work amongst the vines. While Christoph spent his days honing his craft at Bernard van Berg, Domaine de la Vougeraie, Domaine Leflaive, and Comte Armand, his roommate Alex Götze did the same at Pierre Morey and Domaine de Montille. Inevitably, the two partnered and in 2016, they launched Wasenhaus winery in Baden.

Soon after, Bastian followed in his brother’s footsteps and began working vintages in Burgundy. He cut his teeth at Leflaive in 2013, and from the start, had visions of eventually making his own wine one day. “The urge grew stronger and stronger as I gained more winemaking experience,” he remembers. 

Bastian returned home and purchased organically-farmed grapes from France and Germany, and vinified them at Wasenhaus.

He named the project “Laisse Tomber” which means ‘let it go’. The literal meaning, though, is ‘Let it fall’. Bastian liked the allusion to his skateboarding accident, quite a bit in fact as his label also features a rider falling off his horse. Why a horse? His mother was a riding instructor and kept many horses at the family farm. “They symbolize sensibility and soul,” he adds. 

Because Bastian’s production in 2019 was too small for it to be his fulltime vocation, he decided to return to Burgundy and further his wine studies at the Université de Bourgogne in Dijon, where he pursued a diploma in oenology while also working alongside Jean-Yves Bizot, where he still sharpens his craft today.

In 2020, Bastian made his wines in Auxey-Duresses, in a winery he shares with Chris Santini (Santini Frères), Jonathan Purcell (Vin Noé), and Morgane Seuillot and Christian Knott (Domaine Dandelion).

Bastian is determined to farm his own grapes. In 2020, he started with a parcel of Pinot Noir in the Côte Chalonnaise. In 2021, he found three more Pinot Noir vineyards in Baden.

Bizot by day, solo project by night (and on days off, of course). In the future, Bastian would like to own his own vines in Germany, while also crafting négoce wines on the side. During the 2020 vintage, a friend asked Basti while sorting grapes what he likes to do for fun. His response? “This, actually!”

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