Emrich-Schönleber Riesling 'Halenberg' Grosses Gewachs 2022
Germany / White

Emrich-Schönleber Riesling 'Halenberg' Grosses Gewachs 2022

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From the producer:

"If you drink one of our single-vineyard wines, you can be sure that what you have in your glass has been grown in one of the best vineyards in the Nahe region and speaks clearly of its origins. The grapes will also have been selectively hand-picked and the wine will have passed an internal blind-tasting assessment by the regional VDP association for the Nahe, underscoring its high quality and individual personality.

Monzingen's smallest vineyard is planted exclusively with Riesling vines, most of which belong to us. Facing south with gradients of up to 70%, Halenberg has stony blue slate and quartzite soils that put our vines through their paces - making them struggle in the summer for every drop of water. As a result, the grapes in this vineyard stay smaller and develop an especially exquisite aroma. Halenberg has an inherent, finely structured, minerally saltiness. It often reveals aromas reminiscent of ripe grapefruit and other exotic fruits. After a little ageing, it takes on its characteristically spicy, herbal personality.

Importer notes from Vom Boden:

"The Halenberg is often considered, along with the Auf der Ley (offered only through the German auctions) the most structured and densest and most monumental of the Grand Crus from Schönleber. It is certainly a stony and dense wine; there is always more weight, more push and depth to the Halenberg. If the Frühlingsplätzchen is a dancer, the Halenberg is a monolith – its power is its presence, and vice-versa. In youth there is both more fruit and more mineral, compared to Frühlingsplätzchen. This is one of the most statuesque and substantial GGs out there, perhaps akin to Keller’s Morstein in density and structure. The energy and openness of 2022 is just thrilling here."


Stony blue slate and quartzite