Emrich-Schönleber Riesling 'Frühlingsplätzchen' Grosses Gewachs 2022
Germany / White

Emrich-Schönleber Riesling 'Frühlingsplätzchen' Grosses Gewachs 2022

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From the producer:

"If you drink one of our single-vineyard wines, you can be sure that what you have in your glass has been grown in one of the best vineyards in the Nahe region and speaks clearly of its origins. The grapes will also have been selectively hand-picked and the wine will have passed an internal blind-tasting assessment by the regional VDP association for the Nahe, underscoring its high quality and individual personality.

The Frühlingsplätzchen vineyard has a southwest-to-southeast exposure. At its steepest point, it has a 70% incline. It is little wonder therefore that the winter snows melt the fastest and that spring awakens particularly early in this vineyard. Its soils mostly consist of red slate and gravel, frequently interspersed with the red-coloured loam referred to as Rotliegend. Even at a young age, Frühlingsplätzchen will seduce you with its playful, spring-like fruit character. Its aromas are often redolent of peach and ripe apple, while fine herbal notes also tend to emerge. A few years of cellaring will lend a more pronounced minerally quality that makes Frühlingsplätzchen wines increasingly electrifying with age.

Importer notes from Vom Boden:

"(Of Emrich-Scholeber's Grosses Gewachs sites) Halenberg is the denser, more monumental wine, with likely more stuffing and structure to age longer, I’ll admit the Frühlingsplätzchen is my favorite. There, I said it. I just love the soaring aromatics, the sharpness of the wine, the linear lightness and delicacy, on special show with the vintage 2022. Many have noted how accessible, how open and giving the 2022 GGs are and this holds true for Schönleber, though they are rarely about fruit as much as they are about a saline quality, mineral and flower. This is a superb, superb GG that dances on the palate like a good old Spätlese Trocken… even Kabinett Trocken?"

Red slate and gravel, frequently interspersed with red-coloured loam referred to as Rotliegend