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Collection: Your Neighborhood's Favorite Burgundies

"Some restaurants are famous the world over and have Michelin
stars and long waitlists, and some are the amazing neighborhood spots you love that overdeliver every time and should be more well known, but you kind of don’t want that to ever happen. There are bands that pack stadiums and whose ticket price is a mortgage payment – looking at you Taylor – and favorite bands that come through town every couple years and play the great mid-size theater, that really is the best place to hear a show anyway.

This email is about Burgundies that fall into those latter categories. Domaines that each year consistently overdeliver, and feel comfortable and familiar. These are domaines that aren’t secrets, but they are not the rocks stars for the region. They are domaines that quietly toil each year to produce wines of terroir  that are true and delicious. They remind us what we love about Burgundy.

In addition to their already attractive price point, the following wines are also today's Wednesday Wine Spotlight and will be 10% Off through Friday." -Andy