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Warre's Quinta Da Cavadinha Vintage Porto 2001
Portugal / Port

Warre's Quinta Da Cavadinha Vintage Porto 2001

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Notes from Warre's:

Quinta da Cavadinha is located in the heart of the Pinhão Valley and the main vineyard is situated in a gentle ‘bowl’ (180 metres above sea level) formed by a sharp bend in the Pinhão River. It rises very steeply with terraced vineyards to an altitude of 440 metres and the vineyard aspect is south-east and east.

The 2001 Harvest: The graduation levels of the grapes were generally excellent in all varieties allowing for longer fermentations. This, together with high night-time temperatures in the Upper Douro, required the constant use of temperature control to cool the must. The best wines were made from the ripe Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca.

In 'declared’ years, the wines of Quinta da Cavadinha are an important component of Warre’s Vintage Port. In years between declarations, the wines from Cavadinha are often released as a Vintage Port solely from this property. These wines show a recognizable provenance, directly reflecting the vineyard’s cooler ripening cycle defined by its altitude and aspect, which produce fragrant, fresh and very elegant wines.

Tasting Notes: Deep garnet color. On the nose packed with Mammy red fruit aromas and notes of rockrose. The palate is fresh and well balanced, with spicy floral flavors and a long elegant finish. 

Touriga Nacional
Fermentations are relatively short (about two days) because Port is a fortified wine. Fortification, which involves the addition of natural grape spirit to the fermenting juice, intentionally interrupts the fermentation process at a point when approximately half of the grapes’ natural sugar has been converted into alcohol.