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Backyard Bottles Sipper Pack

Backyard Bottles Sipper Pack

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Congratulations Oregonians, you've survived a "double winter" and have earned the sunshine that's finally here. This season for us means lots of time spent on porches and backyards and it's with this scenario in mind that we've curated the following Backyard Bottles Sipper Pack. While we have our reliable go-to, thirst-quenching regions such as Muscadet, Mosel, and Galicia, the following pack provides an excellent opportunity to discover both new and familiar wines. Refreshment comes in all styles, so we've selected everything from bubbles to orange wines for you to enjoy.


Impressions: Seductive notes of fresh strawberries, raspberry compote and hints of hibiscus. The bubbles are delicate, energetic and hover over a juicy-creamy texture. Finishes, crisp and refreshing with ending notes of wet rocks, and chalk.

 About The Producer: Jean-Louis Denois is widely considered a rising star of the Languedoc. Growing up the 6th generation of a Champagne-making family, he ultimately found himself wanting to make his own way in wine. He painstakingly researched vineyards the world over and found what he was looking for on the Languedoc’s southwestern fringes. There, in the upper Aude Valley at the foothills of the Pyrenees, the cool influence of the Atlantic gives his vineyards a terroir that captures the essence of Champagne without any of the attitude or fuss. Interestingly, while J.L Denois’ vineyards are all in the Limoux Appellation, his refusal to use the Mauzac grape means he does not use the designation.

2020 Maria Galassi ‘La Signora’ Albana - Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Impressions: Despite being the first white wine region to be granted DOC status in Italy, most consumers are unfamiliar with Albana wines from the Emilia Romagna. This is a classic example with subtle notes of dried apricots, spiced pears, almond blossoms and honeysuckle evolving from the glass. The acidity is rounded yet lively and compliments its delicate mineral forward profile well. Exit notes of white flowers, and honeydew melon linger over a crisp, refreshing and slightly savory finish.

About The Producer: Maria Daniela Galassi carries on this historic family estate which for four generations has preserved the integrity of its unique terroir. The estate is located in Paderno di Cesena and consists of a set of land gathered in an amphitheater that join the dense adjacent woods, forming an almost independent basin within the hilly area of Bertinoro. Everything here is done with minimal intervention

2018 Ferlat ‘No Land Vineyard’ Bianco - Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

Impressions: Skin Contact/Orange wines can be polarizing, but they can also be highly enjoyable, or in this case, highly crushable. Orange blossoms, persimmons and gardenias greet you from the glass. The texture is linear and mineral forward with a juicy/slightly oily feel. Finishes crisp and herbal with a mouthwatering acidity that refreshes the palate.

About The Producer: Ferlat was founded in 1950 with favorable vineyards in the eastern area of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the renowned D.O.C. Friuli Isonzo. Two young Friulian winemakers Moreno Ferlat and Federica Tabacchi recently took over the winery and are working hard to take it to new heights. Ferlat has 18 acres of organic vineyards where they grow native varietals such as Pinot Grigio, Fruilano and not so native like Cabernet Franc. The philosophy of the winery is to product high quality wine with a big personality, but where the terroir and grape varietal are recognizable.

2020 Domaine Brazilier ‘Tradition’ Rosé - Loire Valley, France

Impressions: Pineau d’Aunis is one of the most charming red varietals in the entire Loire Valley and it’s a grape that we always think about in the summer. Lovely aromas of underripe strawberry, rhubarb and pea tendrils entice from the glass. A racy acid backbone effortlessly sways a mineral-rich juicy texture towards a refreshing and bone dry finish.

About The Producer: Benoît represents the 7th generation of Braziliers to have worked vineyards in Thoréla-Rochette. He joined his father in 1997 and although only in his mid-30’s is the current head of the local wine growers syndicate. Together, they farm 25 hectares of vines, a significant holding in these parts. Ten of these are family owned and mostly replanted by Jean himself over the past 25 years.

2020 Calabretta ‘Gaio Gaio’ Rosso - Sicily, Italy

Impressions: Mt. Etna wines have finally been given the respect they deserve for their ability to produce age worthy and complex bottles. This cuvée shows off Etna’s quaffable and charming side while staying true to its distinct mineral character. High toned notes of red cherries and strawberry compote hover over earthier tones of forest floor, mushrooms and cinder. Juicy, lean profile with minimal tannins and a smoky, slightly salty finish. Best served with a slight chill.

About The Producer: For 4 generations, the Calabretta family has grown grapes in accordance with the centuries-old traditional natural farming methods of Etna. The mountain itself is omnipresent with the vineyards criss-crossed by volcanic stone walls. The volcanic soil of the area, combined with the dramatic temperature differential from day to night, yield grapes of singular expression. Calabretta’s vineyards have evolved naturally so that the vines are intermingled with olive trees and fruit orchards—theirs is a vineyard truly in touch with its surrounding environment.

2017 Ruby Vineyard Laurelwood Blend - Chehalem Mountains, Oregon

Impressions: This is a classic and expressive example of Oregon Pinot Noir displaying subtle earthy nuances thanks to the time it has spent in bottle. Gorgeous aromas of ripe black cherries are effortlessly balanced by notes of cinnamon, clove, pink peppercorns, and truffles. The palate is silky, displaying an energetic acidity with subtle and integrated dusty tannins. Finishes fruity and spicy with hints of incense and iron.

 About The Producer: The 7.25 acres of Pinot Noir at Ruby Vineyard are own-rooted vines and some of the oldest in Oregon, planted in 1973. While the vineyard is old, the winery is new: Ruby’s frst commercial vintage was 2015 and their welcoming tasting room was completed in 2017. Co-owned by Stephen Hendricks and Flora Habibi, Ruby was named afer Flora’s favorite gemstone— an apt metaphor for this hidden gem in a lesser-known corner of the Willamette Valley.