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Tzum, 'Elder' Columbia Gorge Pinot Noir 2021
United States / Red

Tzum, 'Elder' Columbia Gorge Pinot Noir 2021

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Notes from winemaker Nate Reddy:

“The vineyard is adjacent to Panorama Point with extraordinary views of Mt. Hood and the valley below. The wine from this parcel normally goes into the Spring Ephemeral Pinot Noir. Since 2018 we’ve isolated the steepest part of the site’s central hill to make a separate wine. This part of the site faces due South and is extremely well exposed.”

2021 was the most beautiful ferment we have experienced from this steeply pitched hillside in the East hills of the Hood River Valley. The parcel naturally creates a dark and powerful red and our aim during fermentation is to work on the other aspects of the wine. We are always trying to bring more lift and clarity and to find ways for the floral aspects of the wine to emerge and join the fruit. To accomplish this we have moved toward a more infused style of ferment for the site. We pick the site relatively early and rarely touch it during fermentation. Working in this way we are able to go to the press with a large quantity of untouched clusters that have fermented completely intact. The juice that flows from these clusters is absolutely wild. In 2021 this resulted in a wine where the natural density of the site is perfectly matched to an absolutely electrifying spine of charged fruit and umami-laden meat and flower essences. Color: Lipstick red. Taste: Cherry pie on the grid and electrified. Culture: A dark club after midnight the sound is spine-tingling.”

United States
Columbia Valley
Pinot Noir
Manual harvest, undisturbed whole-bunch spontaneous fermentation in sealed fermenter, followed by ~two years of aging in small casks. Unfined, unfiltered, no sulfur added.