Wild Side Of The Bubble

Wild Side Of The Bubble

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There is more than one way to skin a cat… whoever came up with that?! It’s just weird.
There are, however, more ways to get bubbles into wine than just Methode Traditionelle. This trio explores three wines using different methods, and showcasing wilder and more exotic flavor and textural notes in the wines.

Pojer e Sandri, 'Zero Infinito' Pet-Nat 2021
With vineyards perched on the eastern side of the canyon-like Adige river, partners Mario Pojer and Fiorentino Sandri have made some of the most distinctive and integral wines in Trentino for the past 40 years. This pet-nat, or methode ancestrale(primary fermentation finishes in the bottle trapping the bubbles), is made with the a hybrid grape called Solaris. There are no checmical treatmenst in the vibneyard or the cellar, including Sulphur. Hence the Zero Infinito. Elderflower, chamomile, golden apple and apricots all pop out of the glass. The palate is juicy, fresh, and dry.

Nicolas Paget, 'Aborigene' Chenin Blanc Pet Nat NV
Nicolas Paget is the 5th generation to run the family domaine. They have 17 hectares in Touraine and Chinon. This wine is the most joyful one. All organically raised Chenin bursting with energy out of the glass. The palate is pear flesh and apple skins, with some chalky acidity to balance. A fun contrast to the Vouvray Brut in Trio pack #1.

Brigo Vini, 'Baracca' Lambrusco dell'Emilia Pet-Nat 2021                                                We were instantly enamored with this frizzante as its easy drinking profile of raspberries and hibiscus makes it hands down one of the most delicious Lambrusco we’ve ever had. Pro Tip – You can drink it clear or flip the bottle upside down to mix in the sediment and lees. Sourced from 25 year old organically grown vines. A perfect winter aperitif.