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Davide Carlone - 3 pack

Davide Carlone - 3 pack

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"It's the quiet ones you have to watch, for they are often the greatest of listeners that often communicate best through actions rather than words.

Davide Carlone has quietly been at the forefront of rehabilitating the Boca region in Alto Piemonte. This rugged zone located at the base of the Alps used to be a thriving wine growing area, which at its peak saw nearly 40,000 hectares of vineyards covering its steep hills. While phylloxera and a series of hailstorms played a role in reducing hectares, after enduring two World Wars the region was truly devastated by economic forces which led to a mass emigration towards South America or the neighboring industrial hubs of Turin and Milan. By the time Carlone was born in 1968, Boca was on the brink of extinction as the forests reclaimed their land and the vineyards were reduced to only a couple of hectares which were mainly consumed privately by the survivors of these difficult times. 

One of these survivors was Carlone's grandfather Carlo who shared his love of vineyard work with his grandson. This family time spent between the vines was the genesis of what would become Boca's comeback story. The late 80's saw Davide begin the process of restoration as he slowly began adding hectares when the old winegrowers of the region began asking him to keep their fading vineyards in good health. Perhaps the biggest boost for Boca was the arrival of Christophe Künzli and his establishment of the renowned Le Piane estate, which breathed more life into the region and helped cement its reputation as a world class wine region. While Le Piane drew international attention to Boca, there would have been no region to discover were it not for Davide Carlone's efforts. To this day, Le Piane continues to purchase fruit from Carlone's pristine vines which now total over 11 hectares. 

In many ways, Davide Carlone is Boca. This is a man who has never been on a plane; a true conduit and extension of the land. To us here at Flor, Boca represents more than just a unique (and delicious) interpretation of Nebbiolo and other native varieties. This is a tale of human endurance that we can all draw a bit of inspiration from in these challenging times. Carlone truly speaks for the vines and we love what they have to say. We are delighted to share these current releases with you and have assembled a 3 pack that best reflects Boca's mountainous expression of Nebbiolo." -Sergio

2018 Colline Novaresi Nebbiolo

20+ year old vines are situated in Traversagne di Prato Sesia, the gateway to Boca. An expressive and accessible style aged 2 months in stainless steel except for 30% of wine is aged in Slavonian botti for 6 months and is then returned to steel tank for further aging. Only 6,000 bottles produced.

2018 Boca

85% Nebbiolo, 15% Vespolina from 50+ year old vines in and around Traversagna diPrato Sesia and Montalbano di Boca. Aged 3 months in stainless steel followed by 2 years in 25 hL Slovenian oak botti with an additional 3 years in bottle before release. This is Boca! 

2018 Boca 'Adele'

Named after Carlone's grandmother and niece, 'Adele' is sourced from and made in the same fashion as the Boca bottling. Carlone has a wealth of Nebbiolo biotypes throughout his vineyards, this Picotener Nebbiolo biotype dominates this bottling and amplifies the finesse and elegance already present in the Boca flagship bottle.