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Podere Sottoilnoce Lambrusco 2 Pack

Podere Sottoilnoce Lambrusco 2 Pack

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Lambrusco, understandably, is often believed to be a wine style, but in fact it's the name of the grape. While there are over 60 different strains of Lambrusco, 12 are most commonly used for production. And while it comes in many different sparkling and still styles, for our purposes we can narrow down the types of Lambrusco to 2 categories: the lighter rosé like style and the more traditional red.

We were recently Flor'd by each of these types of wines offered by Podere Sottoilnoce, who have turned out some of the most complex Lambrusco's we've ever tried with this 2021 vintage.

2021 Podere Sottoilnoce 'Cattabrega' Sparkling Rosé - Made mostly from the incredibly rare Uva Tosca, this wine commands your attention with aromas of pomegranates, rhubarb, underripe strawberry, hibiscus and wet rocks evolving from the glass. The texture is soft and creamy with a dry, fruity and floral finish. Delicious on its own, but would pair beautifully with triple cream brie or cream based pasta sauces.

2021 Podere Sottoilnoce 'Saldalama' Sparkling Red - The contrast to the 'Cattabrega' is quite striking. Aromas of blackberries, raspberries, lilacs and black peppercorns greet you from the glass. The palate fizzes into a red wine feel with a lightly tannic touch and smoky, peppery finish. This is the perfect bottle to pair with prosciutto, italian subs and pizza.

These wines were produced in the Emilia Romagna by the organic and biodynamic producer Podere Sottoilnoce. Emilia Romagna is Italy’s breadbasket and either of these would pair perfectly with cheese, charcuterie boards, red sauce based pastas, etc.

Today's offer is an excellent opportunity to explore and enjoy the range of Lambrusco.