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Phelan Farms, Trousseau San Luis Obispo County 2021
United States / Red

Phelan Farms, Trousseau San Luis Obispo County 2021

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Notes from Phelan Farm:

"Farming At Phelan Farm, we believe that great wines are born in the vineyard, not assembled in the cellar. We strive to work in collaboration with the diverse species of microbes, plants, and animals on the farm to build the healthiest soil possible. This allows us to limit interventions during vinification. We use a mixed farming approach inspired by permaculture, biodynamics, and regenerative agriculture in our pursuit of healthier soil. This approach includes several holistic measures that draw on the natural vitality of the vineyard and its surroundings. We use compost brewed from the skins of our grapes and the manure from our animals who graze the vineyard to boost microbial life in the soil. To support the immune systems of the vines, we rely on fermented treatments made from an array of native plants (nettles, lupins, horsetail, willow bark) and other local ingredients including honey from our local bee colony, kelp, seaweed, Pacific Ocean water, and fish bone emulsion powder among others. We follow a no-till philosophy to avoid disturbing the complex fungal network under the surface and to sequester carbon in the soil. We avoid spraying sulfur and copper in the vineyard to ensure that we do not harm the earthworms and insects who are essential partners in our ecosystem.

After harvesting all the grapes by hand using low-impact four-wheelers for transport, most of the wines from the 2021 vintage were fermented whole-cluster in stainless steel with indigenous yeast before being transferred to neutral oak barrels for elevage. The wines were then racked off lees and immediately bottled by gravity with no SO2 additions, no filtration, and no fining. Bottling dates were determined according to the lunar calendar to harness the force of the moon to ensure the lees were as settled as possible."

United States
San Luis Obispo County
Felsite, pink quartz
Whole cluster, fourteen-day maceration in stainless steel tanks, elevage in neutral oak, no filtration or fining, no SO2 additions.