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Jaanihanso, Sparkling Rose Cider 2018
Estonia / Cider

Jaanihanso, Sparkling Rose Cider 2018

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Notes from the Producer:

"Jaanihanso is a family owned cider house and orchard located on a historic farm dating back to 18th century. Our family bought Jaanihanso in 2000. Our knowledge of the farm’s history originates from the papers that we found from the house, and from older villagers stopping at our gate to reminisce about the “old days”.

Apple wine, as it is called here, has been a natural part of Estonian culture for as long as anybody remembers. Every garden in Estonia has an apple tree, granny’s and grandpa’s garden has tens. Every second year there’s a natural disaster with gardens drowning in apples. Regardless of the regime in power, home engineered mills and presses have always been at work, shared with neighbors and passed on to the next generation. Large parts of Estonia lay on a layer of limestone and the soil is generally rocky with limestone outcrops, just like in some of the best cider producing regions of South-West England and Normandy. Estonian summer is usually short but autumns can be long, producing perfect less watery fruits full of flavors."

Vintage hand crafted medium dry cider from fresh farm pressed traditional Estonian juice apples. Wild yeast used for primary fermentation. Bottle fermented for 6 months. Black Currant wine added at dosage.