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Floreal, 'Germinal' Cider 500 mL
United States / Cider

Floreal, 'Germinal' Cider 500 mL

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Notes from Nate Ready:

“We started to plant a new orchard devoted to cider varieties in 2013, surrounded by forest and the hoofprints of elk. It’s taken a long time to bear, but we’re starting to harvest enough fruit to begin to release cider from these trees – this is the first one. Our goal was to create a cider with a completely different flavor profile than Floréal’s – while Germinal is made from bitter-sharp apples with high tannin + high acid, Floreal is made mostly from aromatic dessert apples (high sugar + high acid).

This new cider is deep gold in color with peach highlights. There is less CO2, but the texture of the bubbles is even more delicate and this characteristic carries through to the cider’s acidity. While Floreal is impressive for its concentration, this new cider is more subtle and refined texturally. The aroma is ultimately more complex, with striking floral overtones and aromas of elderberry and blackberry that weave in and out of exotic evocations of citrus."

United States
Columbia Gorge
Bittersharp Apples including Redfield, Bulmer’s Norman, Summerset Redstreak and Brown Snout plus heirloom dessert apples like Karmijn de Sonneville
The apples are aged for a month after picking in order to ripen and concentrate, then milled and macerated for a week, and pressed in a basket press traditionally lined with biodynamic straw (used as a kind of sieve, but it also adds spiciness to the final flavor). The juice is then spontaneously fermented and aged in old barrels, without being topped up. In the next vintage, the fresh fermenting juice from the new crop is added in order to initiate the secondary fermentation in bottles and turn the beverage into a slightly sparkling one. Unsulfured, unfiltered, undisgorged.