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Domaine La Grange, 'Clef du Sol' Montlouis-sur Loire 2018
France / White

Domaine La Grange, 'Clef du Sol' Montlouis-sur Loire 2018

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Notes from Jenny and François Selections:

"La Grange Tiphaine was created at the end of the 19th century by Alfonse Delecheneau, followed by three generations: Adrien, Jackie and now, Damien. Damien studied oenology and viticulture in Bordeaux and worked at wineries in California and South Africa, and returned to the winery in 2002 to take over the operations there. He brings a level of scientific precision to natural winemaking that we haven’t seen in many others. The design of the winery and the steps he takes to ensure quality rival some of the most technically advanced wineries in the world, but this is all in the name of using as few additives as possible, to evoke their precious terroir in its purest sense.

Generally speaking, Damien and his wife Coralie have one parcel of Chenin Blanc vines. The difference between most of their chenin blanc wines comes primarily from when they pick the grapes. One of the things that makes Chenin Blanc more difficult than other grapes to work with is the fact that it ripens very unevenly. Damien will usually make three or four different picks in these vines, looking just for the bunches that are ripe that day. Each pick will become a wine, normally the first pick would be for the sparkling nouveau nez, the second for the clef de sol blanc and the last pick may contain some botrytized grapes, destined for a sweeter wine."

Montlouis-sur-Loire AOC
Chenin Blanc
Clay, silica, limestone
Grapes are hand harvested, destemmed, and pressed to 400 liter tanks, where it ferments for about 12 months. The wine is bottled with a light filtration and a small addition of sulfur.