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Domaine La Calmette, 'Bois Grand' Cahors 2020
France / Red

Domaine La Calmette, 'Bois Grand' Cahors 2020

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Notes from Becky Wasserman & Co.:

"85% Malbec/15% Merlot from 30+ year old vines.

Thanks to an introduction by Mathieu Deiss, Domaine La Calmette in Cahors is easily one of the most exciting domaines we represent. But this is not your dad’s Cahors.

There are two sides to the appellation: the alluvial valley of the Lot river, and the plateaux, Causses as they are called locally. The latter is where you will find Cahors’ most captivating wines. There, the bedrock is Kimmeridgian with a top soil of clay, and there is another type of terroir, siderolithic, which is very iron-rich. Maya and Nicolas at Calmette are not alone in making great wine on the Causses. There is a gang —Fabien Jouves comes to mind immediately. In other words, Cahors from the Causses is becoming a thing and this is what this gang is showing us: With top-notch viticulture, much lighter extraction, and lower to no sulfur, the hard tannins that made this appellation so infamous are gone. A fog has lifted; behind it, is an entirely different edge, this one magnificent: the minerality, acidity, and majestically punk rock energy of Kimmeridgian bedrock. Of course, Kimmeridgian is most famous for being the bedrock of Chablis. These new Cahors, especially Maya’s and Nicolas’, are softly and beautifully infused reds with the spine of powerfully mineral white wines. They are contemporary, energetic, saline, stony, vibrant. They are VERY exciting. Then, on the siderolithic terroirs, the iron-rich clay, with its signature umami and blood, takes it to a whole other level of complexity. These are Grands Vins."

Malbec, Merlot
Top of the slope, 340m altitude. Shallow clay-limestone soil on fractured Kimmeridgian limestone bedrock
De-stemmed, 14-30 day ambient yeast fermentation. Aged on the lees in used oak barrels. No fining, no filtration. Minimal SO2 adjustment at bottling (1 g/hl).