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Domaine Gérard Mugneret, 1er Cru aux Gravains Savigny les Beaune 2021
France / Red

Domaine Gérard Mugneret, 1er Cru aux Gravains Savigny les Beaune 2021

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Pascal Mugneret's only parcel in the Cote de Beaune. It is deliciously open and giving but still in with the crunchy structure of the other wines.

From Wasserman Wines:

Gravains shares its etymology with Grèves and Gravières. They are derived from the latin Grava, meaning gravel, llittle stones, etc. (Source: Marie-Hélène Landrieu-Lussigny). Originally planted in 1902, some replanting in 1944, and plenty of replacements. It is a venerable vineyard, with many vines suffering from the court-noué virus that keeps yields low and causes plenty of millerandage (shatter), which is very desirable for its concentration of flavor.

On one of our favorite hills in the Côte d’Or. It faces south and is located in the path of the of the alluvial deposits of the Rhoin river. The clays soils are consequently mixed with a high proportion of sand and rounded gravels.  

Savigny les Beaune
Pinot Noir
Gravel and cobbles and clay over Limestone
100% whole cluster, ambient yeast fermentations. Aged in oak barrels (usually 100% new since Pascal makes only one barrel ) for 12 to 18 months. Since 2016, very moderate sulfur additions: none during vinification, a little during élevage and before bottling, for a total of 15 to 20 ppm.