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Domaine Anne Gros, 'Les Barreaux' Vosne-Romanée 2020
France / Red

Domaine Anne Gros, 'Les Barreaux' Vosne-Romanée 2020

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Notes from North Berkeley Imports:

"Estate vines are located in ‘Les Barreaux,’ a villages-level plot up on the slope, at the forest line, 840 feet in altitude. At the mouth of the “combe” of Concoeur, the vineyard faces northeast. Thin soils mix limestone and iron-rich clay, with the “mother rock” not far from the surface.

Subtle, harmonious, supple—Burgundy from Domaine Anne Gros is intimately tied with the elegant and poised character of wines from Vosne-Romanée.

While each cru faithfully reflects its terroir, it is terroir as translated through Gros’ expert touch, offering richer aromatics, rounder curves, silkier tannins. The combination is irresistible, so much so that Gros’ very limited production is snapped up by global collectors faster and faster each vintage.

Anne Gros simply is one of the top winemakers in Burgundy today, which explains why her wines have inspired such a cult-like following. Importantly for us, Gros personifies the sort of winemaker with whom we have always sought to work: an artisan with a clear vision of her terroir and talents, and the grace to be humble despite the weight of Burgundian tradition and family history.

Anne Gros took over her father’s winery (Domaine François Gros) in the late 1980s. Yet there have been Gros family members in Vosne since the 1830s; land holdings have split among family members for generations. Today, there are four separate wineries in Vosne owned by the extended Gros family, including Domaine Anne Gros: Gros Frere et Soeur, Anne-Francoise Gros and Michel Gros, all of whom are Anne’s cousins.

Lively and tangy, this thirst-quenching Burgundian Chardonnay grows some 1,200 feet above sea level in the windy hills of the Hautes-Cotes, above the village of Vosne-Romanée."

Vosne Romanee
Pinot Noir
Limestone, iron rich clay
Destemmed; fermented on indigenous yeasts in stainless steel tanks. Aged in French oak barrels: one-third new, one-third one-year and one-third two-year barrels.