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Ercole, Vino Amaro NV
Italy / Port/Fortified

Ercole, Vino Amaro NV

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Notes from The Piedmont Guy:

"Ercole, whose English translation is Hercules, is only made possible by a generations-old cooperative of local growers in the Monferrato area. Every fall, these men and women cultivate pristine and sustainably farmed fruit, allowing us to make authentic wines that are transmitters of time and place. Small, independent cooperative wineries like this are not only the lifeblood of thousands of small growers across Italy but also repositories safeguarding the native grape varieties and winemaking traditions of their respective regions.

The cooperative behind Ercole works predominantly with old vines ranging from 30 to 50 years old. All participating growers adhere to the European Union rule for sustainable farming known as lotta integrata, or lutte raisonnée, though many are now certified organic. None of these growers use systemic treatments or chemicals, employing only minimal copper and sulfur. Both vinification and bottling are certified vegan.

The place, Monferrato, ranks among the most historic grape-growing areas of Piedmont and is the confirmed birthplace of the Barbera grape. For these reasons, we work primarily with Monferrato’s indigenous grape varieties. The fruit from this increasingly popular area gives us Ercole, a family of wines offering remarkable value.

Enjoy these easy-drinking, value-driven bottlings unconditionally. Salute!"

Employing only natural ingredients, botanicals are soaked in water and alcohol of various levels depending on the given plant. Maceration lasts between 20 and 30 days. These tinctures are then used to aromatize the still base wine. This blend is left at cold temperatures for 15 days, after which it is bottled as Amaro.