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Fumey Chatelain, Vin de Paille Arbois 2015 [375ml]
France / Dessert

Fumey Chatelain, Vin de Paille Arbois 2015 [375ml]

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Notes from the producer:

"In the mid-1980s, we, Raphaël and Adeline started our business of producing/selling grapes in the Jura with 56 ares of vines. Everything is going like clockwork until, in the spring of 1991, a terrible frost ravaged 95% of the Jura vineyards. There were so few grapes left in our vines that we decided to vinify them ourselves and sign our first vintage. The first cuvées will be made right and left by borrowing cellars and unused barrels from other winegrowers of the Raphaël family. 

Our farms developed little by little until in 1999 we got our hands on a ruined farmhouse in Montigny-lès-Arsures. This farm, after a lot of effort and elbow grease, will then become the perfect place to welcome our little family and our cellars.

Today our Domaine totals 17Ha of vines and our son Marin, after having vinified several times in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, has joined us. We redouble our efforts to progress each year, with the desire to produce vibrant and lively wines. The vines are cultivated with respect for our environment and rigorous work in our vineyard allows us to vinify our wines naturally and simply. Enthusiastic and passionate, our wines reflect the energy that guides us.

Between minerality and spices, from ouille wine to sailing wine, we raise white wines that reflect the nature of our terroirs and our know-how. The vinifications are classic and natural. The aging lasts 1 year and a half for the ouille wines (aging in stainless steel vats or old casks) and up to 7 years for our sailing wines (aging in Burgundy barrels of 228L)."

Savagnin, Chardonay
Marl, Limestone
Chardonnay and savagnins. Raising off the stump in our attics for about 3 months. Then slow fermentation and aging in wood for 3 years.