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Le Fief Noir, 'Somnambule', Anjou Rouge 2019
France / Red

Le Fief Noir, 'Somnambule', Anjou Rouge 2019

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Notes from the producer:

"Le Fief Noir is an Estate of 30ha in the centre of the Anjou Noir, near to Angers, in the municipality of Saint-Lambert du Lattay. The Anjou Noir is a unique wine-growing area at the extremity of the Est Armorican massif and the north-west of Anjou. Noir, or “Black”, due to the stone which composed its subsoil: The Schist. Formed 30 million years ago, The Black Anjou schist offered an exceptional diversity of soil relief due to its history and its transformation through the ages. This stone is structured in a leaflet model, which constitute an ideal terroir for the vine growing. In fact, the high number of fissure in the rock allow the vine to develop its roots within. Du to this, the roots will be able to explore a vast space and drain a wide variety of minerals. We will find in the wine all the originality brings by the schist.

The Anjou Noir is also the meeting of one of the great grape variety, the Chenin, with the schist. With a unique terroir comes a unique grape variety result: the chenin take all his depth, and express its wealth and potential. We can find here the “Anjou Blanc”, definition of freshness and minerality such as in the Coteaux du layon.

Le Fief Noir cultivate their grape following an organic way. Chenin, Cabernet and Grolleau grow on a wealth soil with a high diversity. To Le Fief Noir, the soil is the priority of the winegrower. Choosing the right grape variety depending of the soil composition, working on the soil to encourage the development of the vine roots through the years, removing weeds which compete with the vines or help the soil to heat up at the end of winter."

Cabernet Franc, Grolleau
Black Schist
Aged for 7 months - 50% in 4 year old barriques.