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Bricco Ernesto, Vino Rosso 2020
Italy / Red

Bricco Ernesto, Vino Rosso 2020

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Notes from Vine Farmer:

"Our friends Renato Vezza and his partner Elisa Antonioni have been quietly raising some of the most beautiful and emotional wines in Italy, in minuscule quantities (fewer than 4,000 bottles between a Nebbiolo based Rosso and an Arneis based Bianco). Allocations are made a few years in advance - the wines tend to surface on the lists of renowned EU restaurants and alongside legendary company at tastings.

Before returning to steward his family’s bricco (rounded hilltop), Renato was a respected somm in London who felt the pull to change paths. He is very intense, yet inviting and casual - in tune to those around him. Elisa is from Emilia-Romagna and found her way to Bricco Ernesto; fully embracing a farming life amid a white collar path.

The pair take human-scale wine production to a rare level. Renato estimates that they spend twice the time on each vine than most do, working entirely themselves. Renato describes a vibration and energy they communicate to the vines that would otherwise be lost. It’s common for as much as eighty percent of harvest to be discarded.

The wild and rugged bricco itself has been organically farmed for decades, when it was far out of fashion. Cellar work is as meticulous and simple as one would expect from those letting the vineyard speak clearly. Remarkably, they are not trained winemakers and work entirely by feel.

For us, the wines are best described as complete and seamless, sensual and captivating - imprinted in memory long after the bottle is empty."


Vino Rosso
Mostly sandy (70%), with limestone (20%) and clay (10%). The high sand component pushes the roots to search deeper for water.
Bunches are de-stemmed by hand with no crushing, indigenous yeast fermentation in cement tank, with total maceration generally lasting 25 to 30 days. Full, spontaneous malo, aged for one year in a combination of barrel, botte and amphora, and a second year in bottle.