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Christophe et Fils, 'Premier Cru Mont de Milieu' Chablis 2014
France / White

Christophe et Fils, 'Premier Cru Mont de Milieu' Chablis 2014

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Notes from The Source Imports:

"Sebastien Christophe is our budding superstar from Chablis. We love his wines, but we also love him, the ultimate underdog. While known for its stolid rigidity, France’s wine culture still allows for a lot of mobility. That’s how a young kid gifted just a couple of acres of average vineyard land in Chablis could rise up seemingly out of nowhere to make brilliant wine from the three most heralded Premier Crus in the region. That happened because he was also gifted with a good bit of moxie and a cranking work ethic, which will you get far anywhere.

What makes Sebastien’s wines so great? Well, as is the case in Chablis, it’s not the winemaking, which is pretty standard for the region, as the goal here is never to showcase cellar prowess, but rather the nature of the vineyard. Sebastien vinifies and ages wine overwhelmingly in stainless steel, as is the general practice of the region. Less than 10% of the wines see cellar aging in neutral oak barrels, providing a little textural and structural contrast to the bristly energy of stainless steel."

Chablis Premier Cru AOC
Decomposed Portlandian limestone scree, Kimmeridgian limestone marls, marne
80% fermentation in stainless steel, 20% in French oak barrels (7% new). Aged in the same combination for 1 year.