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A. Lamblot, 'Mouvance 17' Brut Nature NV [2017]
France / Sparkling

A. Lamblot, 'Mouvance 17' Brut Nature NV [2017]

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Complex and bright, Mouvance is a blend of Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from old vnes plots in the villages of Vrigny and Chenay. The term "Mouvance" translates to "movement" and refers to the dependence of one phenomenon on another. From endless efforts in the vineyards to meticulous details in the cellar, Alexandre Lamblot is in constant motion and this wine is emblematic of the spirit of a domaine that is going places.

Alexandre Lamblot is part of a new generation of natural-leaning vignerons making waves in Champagne. He farms 3.5 Ha of vines scattered across Vrigny, Chenay, Janvry and Gueux which are a combination of vines he inherited from his family and some that he rents and farms himself.

To increase biodiversity, he minimizes tilling (using only light, mini tractors when he scratches the soils), allows indigenous plants to grow, sends chickens in the vines to feed and fertilize, and he embraces Vitoforestry, planting around 100 different species of trees in each hectare.

His attention to detail is carried into the cellar where each press is vinified on its own and ferments with indigenous yeasts in a mix of 228 to 600-liter barrels, mostly used. Lamblot bottles the wines at around 11 months without fining, filtration or cold stabilization. SO2 levels are kept relatively low, around 15-20 mg total at bottling. The resulting Champagnes are reminiscent of the brooding power and intensity of Cedric Bouchard with the voodoo Meunier complexity and magic of Jérome Prévost.

Montagne de Reims
Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay
Practicing biodynamic
Sand, silt
Vinification occurs in jarres and oak barrels. No chaptalisation, malolactic fermentation can occur but is not forced. The juice is bottled on fruit days in locally produced bottles. Aged in jarres and oak barrels; sur lattes 24+ months; Disgorged by hand according to the lunar calendar without any added SO2 or dosage. Bottled as Brut Nature with no dosage.